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As young conservatives, it is our Mission and solemn responsibility to ensure the Torch of Liberty is passed to the next generation of Americans. CYC supports and teaches the values, morals and traditions that have allowed this great nation to flourish.In a day when conservatives are viewed as gun-carrying, bible-thumping, right wing racists, CYC offers young conservatives a home to counter those false and slanted liberal attacks.In time, our generation will be required to teach our children and lead this great nation. Young conservatives must ensure the principles of self- responsibility, religious freedom and smaller government are protected. CYC will unite our conservative youth across this nation by teaching those values.  CYC will also develop young conservatives into engaged and patriotic citizens who will be able to lead America by offering experience in the political realm.

It is our duty to defend our generation from deceptive agendas perpetrated by liberal radicals in universities and media.We must stand together with one voice; a conservative voice.

Conservative Youth Council


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